The Intern/Residency Program is designed for the exiting Service Member as an alternative to “going home” and relying on family or government for support, but is open to all veterans. As we are very new, we are not yet able to provide all the services we would like so we are starting with an internship program to develop our facilities and organization. This page is about our in person program for those wishing to live on site, but we have options for remote internships as well. If we determine that you are a potential fit, we will offer a custom invitation for residence, responsibilities, and terms.


For many veterans, the opportunity to step back from your life and the expectations of others to chart your own course is all too rare. But why go back to Mom’s house and look for a bullshit job you will probably hate? We offer a well-reasoned alternative for veterans who want to be around other veterans to empower each other to avoid the common tragedies of the veteran’s experience. 


We provide a rugged but safe and comfortable place to live off-grid with solar power, well water, and reliable cell service with most carriers. Interns will be expected only to pull their weight, respect the code of conduct, and get the most from the opportunity. If you get invited to intern here, you can use the time to meditate, medicate, get in shape physically, emotionally, or spiritually, get your life organized, or just enjoy some R&R.


In this phase of facility development, there is plenty of construction work and manual labor. Training is available for everything you might be asked to do. While we eventually will accommodate veterans of all health conditions, we currently request all applicants be in general good health and capable of at least light physical work. 


Prospective interns are encouraged to visit for a weekend to meet the team and get a feel for the place. To apply for the program or to arrange a visit, please email our Program Director Ed Vallejo at If you are ready to apply, please include a copy of a photo ID, proof of service, and a brief description of your situation and what you would like to get out of the program. 


                                  MEET THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR



My Fellow Veterans,


I’m Ed Vallejo, US Army Veteran and HBB Program Director. I live full-time at our FOB near Ash Fork, Arizona, in a tree-sheltered high desert homesteader community where the weather is temperate year-round and not anywhere near as hot as my long-time residency in Phoenix. (Thank God!)


When my good friend of many years, fellow Veteran Adam Kokesh, approached me with his idea for HBB, I was personally hooked because of my own recent transition from being very on-grid to completely OFF-grid. While not critical to our mission, being off-grid has been a critical part of my life and Adam’s, and provides us with some amazing opportunities here. 


As I write this, it is Columbus Day, 2021.  I believe it is auspicious that I begin my tenure here on the holiday honoring the adventurer searching uncharted waters for Shangri-la. I believe in Adam and his vision. I met the other Board Members at a retreat held here months ago. We shared conversation and food and a belief that this organization is critically needed right now.


I am here today because I wish so greatly that there had been this type of facility available to me when I exited the Service that I am willing to devote this period of my life to help creating it.


I pray to Almighty God for success in this venture and humbly ask for your assistance.


Thank you for your time.



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