The first retreat consisted of 10 participants, most had not previously met. After a day of traveling logistics to make sure everyone arrived to the property safely, the week begins with an arrival dinner that comes with the option of passing out afterwards to prepare for the time ahead!

Ed has a well stocked first aid camp centrally located to everything ready to serve all of our Veterans injury needs. Beyond that the landscape offers vast horizons and beautiful geodesic domes scattered throughout the scene.

The kitchen is open for snacking and main meals are provied every day, many times making their way around a campfire or back to someones camp. 

The only bad thing that I’ve noticed so far is that the time passes by way to quickly, it always seems like you’re leaving too early!  Luckily HBB has residency opportunities! 

I look forward to meeting many new Veterans in our next retreat, I hope they feel at home and can heal any wounds their service may have caused them.